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Could I Be a Nomad?

Barbados is inviting international workers to live, work, and come and go as they please for a year.

This is basically my dream. Back in January I actually wrote my "vision for entrepreneurship" (I prefer writing over vision-boarding), and here's what I outlined:

  • Making an impact and having ability to help people in some way

  • Being flexible and able to explore many lanes and areas of interest

  • Having autonomy and the ability to say when and where I work

  • Being able to see the world and not always be behind a computer

  • Overcoming new challenges creating new opportunities for myself

  • Enough financial freedom to live well

As you can see, these goals are lofty and sadly for me feel a little far off. But as soon I saw the Barbados deal, I immediately thought of my goals to become more autonomous, work when and where I want, and see more of the world. What if I could work from wherever? What if I really could bring my laptop to the beach and see the waves while I draft a memo?

Last year I met a guy who didn't have a home, but I wouldn't call him homeless. He's the first real life "digital nomad" I ever came across. Every few months he would pick and move to a new location. He'd get an Airbnb or stay with a friend and settle in for a little while before moving on to the next place. He didn't have to worry about ongoing rent or household bills. When he first told me about it I was amazed and a little jealous.

But then I compare that to my current situation. I feel so connected to where I live now. I know my neighbors and I have a church home and, oh yeah, I'm running for public office so I'm becoming even more steeped in the community. I think it would be awful to have no roots or real connections. I would hate to give any of that up.

At the same time let's be real, it gets stale. Same thing day in and day out, same routine. I used to move apartments every two years because I just wanted something new. This time next year I'm probably going to be looking around my house like, "welp time to redecorate or something."

How can I "put down roots" and have variety too?

That's why the Barbados' offer is so intriguing. The ability to go back and forth and have that intermittent vacation could be the best of both worlds. I'm not saying I'll do it because that price is hefty -- but it does inspire me to consider how I can have this kind of lifestyle (once other countries decide Americans are allowed in which may not be until 2040...)

If the thought ever crossed your mind, here's the link to apply for the Barbados Welcome Stamp: I may be doing it soon! I'll keep you guys posted :)


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