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COVID Confessions

I'm now almost exactly one month into coronavirus quarantine.

Mine started early -- the week of March 9 -- when I got back from Dubai and learned that my office had been preemptively closed because someone there had "close contact" with someone else who had been diagnosed with COVID-19. That whole first week, I was in temporary work-from-home mode. Made no attempt to set up a real office space. Didn't join any calls with my video on (none of us did actually). I was just getting through the week, with the expectation that the following week I'd be right back at my desk. By the next week, it was slowly but surely starting to get real. Suddenly my office was closed indefinitely. Suddenly we did have to turn on our video (why Lord!) Suddenly I realized I needed a desk and an office chair for my guest room.

At the same time, restaurants and bars were being shut down in DC, followed by "non essential" businesses. Appointments I had made were getting cancelled. It hit me all at once that this is not a temporary circumstance anymore and I'd need to settle in for a nice long quarantine ride.

So far, I haven't been taking it too well.

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