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New Decade, Who Dis?

I can't believe I'm old enough to have been an adult for the entire last decade. What a time to be alive! I've seen and heard and experienced so much over the last ten years, and as I reflect on it, it occurs to me that I have amassed quite a bit of knowledge. I actually know more than I realize. In some areas I could even call myself an expert. As I've spent the last decade working my way up various corporate ladders, I realize I know enough to dive into the next decade no longer laboring but truly leading, utilizing all that expertise that my imposter syndrome sometimes won't let me realize I have. I don't need to be the "boots on the ground" forever; at this point I can instruct and teach and guide -- I can truly go from worker bee to boss bitch! I fall victim to downplaying what I know and what I've accomplished and the knowledge I have. In this (slightly more explicit than usual) podcast, I talk about that ah-ha moment -- the realization that I don't need to make myself small anymore.

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