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On Flaking and Ghosting

On the season finale of Insecure, a huge debate erupted over whether or not Nathan could be forgiven for ghosting on Issa for OVER A MONTH after they had been dating and appeared to be getting pretty serious.

When he attempted to explain himself to her, he shared that sometimes he goes through times when he starts to feel really down and sad, and has a hard time keeping commitments or following through with people. Because of personal experience with people in my life who have gone through similar struggles, I know that what he's describing is major depressive disorder. People diagnosed with major depressive disorder go through times when they are almost unable to physically move, much less call and text people as a part of a regular social schedule or keep previously-made appointments.

This podcast is not about those people.

This podcast is about the perfectly well-adjusted, non-clinically-diagnosed, regular degular folks who have just come to take for granted the idea of being men and women of their word.

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